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Insulating could save your bills

Saving your bills!

With energy bills rising as much as 30%, we need to be savvier with our bills. We need to do anything we can to reduce the cost. There are a couple of ways to save your bills, but we specialise in the most passive one. You know what we are talking about as you can see in the title, “Insulating could save your bills”. Insulating your house would be the perfect solution when it comes to your rising energy bills.

4 ways to save.

There are a few ways you can insulate for saving your bills. You have the standard floors, walls and lofts, read about that here, here and here. There is one extra place you can put our foil insulation that has great opportunities for savings. This is behind the radiator, you lose so much heat from the back of the radiator. Reflecting that heat back into your house using our insulation would save you loads. Read more on insulating behind your radiators here.

If you use our insulation in those 4 ways (Floor, walls, loft and behind radiators) you will surely save some money. By utilising all the 4 methods stated above,  you may not even notice the rise in energy prices in the UK.

Therma-Foil is an investment, and the ROI (return on investment)comes in time. You will notice the benefits as soon as you install, but to make your money back you will need to wait for a bit longer. Over time it will pay for itself. The cheaper energy bills may even leave you making a profit on our product. The best thing is it’s easy to install and you can do it yourself.

Keep stress free

While everyone is worried about the hike in energy prices. You can sit there relaxed knowing that you are saving your bills. You can be confident that by buying Therma-Foil insulation and placing it in all necessary places, you will certainly have one less thing to worry about in this stressful day and age.

We are even offering FREE DELIVERY on our 25m² rolls to the UK mainland visit our shop here to get this great deal. Click here to read more about the product.

You can also request a FREE sample pack so you can see the product for yourself before you commit to buying.

Therma-Foil™ is a Registered Trademark of Robert S Maynard Ltd.


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