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Under-floor Insulation

Our Award-Winning under-floor insulation is perfect for under your floor (it has other uses too, which means no need for waste). With 25+ in the industry, our insulation has been used by hundreds of people and businesses in homes, offices and more.

Installing Therma-Foil under your floor, not only will you see warmth and sound dampening benefits, but you will see money-saving too. Insulating is a great way to reduce bills as it keeps your home warmer so there is no need to have heating up. It also means that less of the heat you pay for will be escaping your house 15% of heat can be lost through your floor alone.

Therma-Foil Roll

Benefits of Insulation

Therma-Foil has been developed as Under-Floor insulation. Our foil insulation is used by most as under-floor insulation. Amazing benefits include saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

Therma- Foil can be used under laminate flooring, suspended floors, below carpet, and many more. Reflecting heat into the room while improving airtightness by acting as a vapour barrier stopping airflow through drafty floorboards.

Our foil under-floor insulation prevents heat loss, stop draughts, and reduce floor noise-making your floor more comfortable to walk on. It also saves you money in the meantime You won’t be losing as much heat from your house. Therefore no need to have the heating on as high or often. With the rise in energy prices, this is something to think about as a money-saving option.

Cold air penetrating rooms through concrete floors, timber floors, and laminate floors significantly impacts heating bills. Around 15% of heat is lost through cold floors. Using Therma-foil around the home can enhance ‘U’ values In new build or refurbished building projects and helps meet and exceed current Building Regulations.

Therma-Foil is made from 2.5mm of polyester foam coated with a metalized barrier on one surface and provides additional soundproofing between floors and creates a more comfortable walking area – especially when used under laminate and timber floors.

Our Insulation can be used on ground floors, upper floors and above unheated spaces.


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Don’t take it from us, see what our customers think about Therma-Foil under their floors.

Our dining room above our cold and damp cellar made the room unappealing  as everyone complained they were cold. We fitted Therma-Foil under our laminate floor, and we were astonished at the difference it made. Not only were we surprised how much warmer the room was. We also noticed how much softer and more comfortable the floor was to walk on.  J Bales, Edinburgh

Placing Therma-Foil over the floorboards beneath the carpet throughout our house has stopped the cold drafts that were coming through the gaps. It was so easy to install and has saved us a fortune in energy bills.  It’s so much warmer and made the room feel more comfortable.  Sally Howard, Lytham

On moving into our apartment, we soon realised that not only was our laminate flooring always cold. Also, the sound of us walking on it echoed throughout the rooms. Fitting Therma-Foil underneath has changed our lives – it’s now a much warmer home and much quieter.  Mrs M McNairn, Aberdeen