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Foil insulation, 3 reasons why you need it!

Foil insulation

Using foil insulation has so many benefits, and you should definitely consider using it if you aren’t already.  Some of the benefits are; it keeps your bills low, it pays for itself, increased comfort/ warmth, and it helps with sound dampening too.

Foil insulation


Using Therma-Foil, you will quickly notice all the benefits. You won’t be turning your heating up quite as much. This means that your energy bill will be reduced. In turn, you will be saving money. With all these savings, not only will you have more money in your pocket, our foil insulation over time will pay for itself. This may take some time, but there are loads of ways you can optimise your insulation placing which will have a greater ROI. This will make Therma-Foil pay for itself more quickly. If you want to read more about Therma-Foil’s money-saving properties, visit this blog post.


The whole point of insulating your house is to be for keeping warm. Therma-Foil is obviously going to keep increasing the comfiness in your home. With Therma-FOil installed, not only will your house be warmer, but it will heat up quickly as less heat is escaping. This means once you come home, after a long day, you won’t have to wait as long for your home to be nice and warm.

You may be thinking that in summer the summer you will be boiling with foil insulation installed. It is quite the opposite actually. With our foil insulation having great reflective properties, if you install it in your loft/attic, it will work as a sort of heat barrier. This will reflect the heat out of your house, hopefully keeping it a little warmer inside. Read more about insulating your loft here. As most houses in the UK don’t have AC on the od times when it does get really hot, having foil insulation may help to keep you from overheating.

Sound dampening

Therma-Foil has a minimum of 18Db of sound dampening and this has a few perks. If you are in an apartment you can place it on your floor and not only will it save your bills. It will save you noise complaints from your downstairs neighbour. This also means that you will be able to make more noise without disturbing people in your building. This is great because you can have music louder and have parties without falling out with your neighbours.

This feature is false particularly useful if you are in a camper/ caravan as it keeps the annoying sounds out. This means that you will have better night’s sleep and be less likely to be woken up by strange noises in the night. Read more about insulating a camper/caravan here.


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