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Therma-Foil Radiator Reflector Foil

Insulate Your Radiators for instant energy savings – now it’s even faster, more effective and easy to do…

Therma-Foil Insulating & Reflecting

Insulation your radiators In our house was the easiest Insulation job I have ever carried out. Amazingly, most homeowners overlook the obvious advantages of Insulating behind radiators. The rooms instantly felt warmer and my heating doesn’t have to be on for as long. Insulate your radiators and reap all the benefits.

Michael Baron, Cheshire

As much as 30% of the heat can be through the wall at the back of your Radiators. Therma-Foil is excellent in providing insulation for all the Radiators in the average house.

Therma-Foil Insulation provides a combination of Foil and Foam Insulation. The millions of tiny air bubbles create a thermal barrier while the outer layer of foil reflects heat into your home, reducing the amount of energy lost into the wall.

Insulate your Radiators and enjoy instant savings on energy bills. Therma-Foil is also available in larger rolls for commercial purposes.

Fitting the Therma-Foil Insulation behind radiators could never be easier.

  1. Turn off Radiator & Measure its Length.
  2. Using Scissors, Cut Therma-Foil™ to just less than the measured size, allowing slits for the radiator fixing brackets – ensure maximum wall coverage without making the Therma-Foil™  visible.
  3. Stick to a wall using a heavy-duty wallpaper paste,  adhesive or double-sided tape, to be applied on the reverse of the Therma-Foil™.
  4. Slip the foil into place behind the radiator and press firmly to a wall using a small roller, broom handle or batten, ensuring that any trapped air is squeezed out.

When using behind radiators it is important to keep airspace between the radiator and the Therma-Foil allowing it room to reflect. Standard wallpaper adhesive is suitable for sticking Therma-Foil to the wall.

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