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Benefits and technical data

Therma-foil Technical data

At only 2.5mm thick, Therma-Foil is the UK’s leading Radiant Barrier foil insulation compatible with both suspended and solid floors. It can also be used in walls and ceilings. As well as improving the energy performance rating of your home or premises.

Therma-foil Technical data and benefits:
  • Therma-Foil is a Lightweight & flexible, Ultra-slim profile (2.5mm) taking up less space than most bulk insulation.
  • Therma-Foil is highly energy-efficient and is used to help meet or improve U-values in both new build and renovation projects improving the overall energy performance rating in your property.
  • Therma-Foil’s ultra-slim profile means the minimal effect on room height and eliminates the need to shave off the bottom of the door.
  • Therma-Foil improves the performance of hot-water underfloor heating systems through the uniform reflection of the heat generated.
  • Therma-Foil acts as a Vapour Barrier and resists the passage of moisture through floors.
  • Therma-Foil improves the general air-tightness of the building and will not mold or mildew – it acts as a corrosion-resistant insulation system.
  • Therma-Foil provides a thermal break to reduce the risk of thermal bridging.
  • Therma-Foil Therma-Foil reduces Impact Noise.
  • Therma-Foil is fast, simple and safe to install without the need for specialised protective equipment or clothing.
  • Therma-Foil is made from 100% Recyclable materials and is CFC & HCFC Free.

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Technical Product Information


Acoustic Performance Impact Noise Delta L
DIN 52210 In combination with 8mm laminated floor
 to 18dB
Water Vapour Permeability
DIN 52615
g/m2 24H.23oC 85% RH
0.5 – 7.5
Compressive Creep
In % – 0.25 PSI 1000H.23oC
18.28 – 26.50
Thermal Conductivity
NBN B62-201 W/mK
0.032 – 0.058
Thermal Break Yes
Flame Retardant B3/B2
DIN 4102
Density from 20kg/m³
Re-use Excellent
Chemical Resistance Excellent
U- Value (as part of flooring substrate) 0.54
R-Value 0.043


Width 100 cm  100 cm  100 cm
Diameter of Roll   30cm 42cm 60cm
Length 25 Metres 50 Metres 100 Metres
Total Area on Roll 25 Sqm 50 Sqm 100 sqm
Thickness 2.5mm 2.5mm 2.5mm
Weight per roll 1.75kg 4kg 7.5 Kg
Colour Silver Silver Silver

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