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Why insulating your camper/caravan is a must!

Why insulating your camper/Caravan is a must!

Whether it is a self-built camper or a pre-build, camper insulating your camper/caravan is super important. For warmth and soundproofing foil insulation has lots of benefits that you could take advantage of. When staying in your camper, comfort is a given, everyone wants to be warm and how thin the walls are insulating will help. I bet you also like your privacy? Well, Foil insulation can help with soundproofing so you’ll be free to talk and worry less about people hearing your conversations.


When camping comfort is high on the list of priorities. One main thing for keeping you comfortable is warmth. you can have all the luxuries that you want, but if you are cold none of that matters. The fact is warmth is the most important element when it comes to comfort. Installing foil insulation all throughout your van will help to do so. All vans have very thin walls, and this means heat can escape really easily. This means however much you turn on a heater, it will soon just escape.

By insulating your camper/caravan, you are helping reflect the heat back into the van when it tries to escape. However thick insulating takes up a lot of space which you already don’t have a lot of, which means it is quite offputting. What if I told you that you don’t have to lose space to insulate! I know right amazing. Well with Therma-Foil foil insulation, you will only be missing on a tiny 2.5mm’s of space that is hardly noticeable. You could even put two layers for extra warmth that is still only 5mm so you wouldn’t even notice it’s there. Well, apart from the fact you will be a lot warmer.

Now I know what you are thinking. What about in the summer when it is extremely hot? Therma-Foil actually helps with that too. With its reflective properties, it is just as good at keeping hot weather out as it is keeping warmth in. So by installing Therma-Foil, you not only stay warmer in the winter (for a lot cheaper) you’ll stay a lot cooler in the summer.

static caravan








This is in a static caravan



How does foil insulation help with privacy? I hear you ask. Well, Therma-Foil has sound dampening of a minimum of 18db. This means it will be a lot harder for passer-byes to hear you. I know you may often park in laybys or car parks to sleep, but for the odd time you go to a campsite, this will be very helpful. With 18db sound dampening it also means sound from outside the campervan will struggle to get in. Meaning if you are in a ley-by, the sound of passing cars and trucks, won’t be quite as bad.


Now I have talked about why you should insulate if you are thinking of buying, head to our 25m² rolls and get one. We are now offering FREE delivery on them as well. This stuff will change your life when out on the road!

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