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How do I lay Therma-Foil?

Therma-Foil should be placed foil side into the house. For added effect place the second layer of foil outward to reflect cold away (and in the summer heat).

  1. Firstly, measure out the area where the Therma-Foil will be installed.
  2. Measure out and cut the roll Of therma-Foil to the correct lengths to fill the room. Note, we recommend a slight overlap of about 50mm.
  3. Place down, with the reflective foil side towards you.(face up)
  4. Once in place, tape Therma-Foil as and where needed using Duck/Gaffer tape.
  5. Check your insulation is flat and there are no air bubbles anywhere. If there is it’s easy to just push them out.
  6. Staple the insulation onto the floor wall (wherever you are placing it. We recommend that you should staple Therma-Foil every 16” to 24”. Keep it tight to ensure it stays flat.

The more extensive fitting guide is in its post.

How should I store Therma-Foil?

Therma-Foil should be stored on a flat dry surface in its bag, and out of direct sunlight. Until it is ready for installation.

While this information is presented in good faith and believed to be accurate, Robert S Maynard Ltd. and its distributors have no control over installation design, workmanship, accessories, materials, or application condition. Robert S Maynard Ltd. does not guarantee results from reliance upon such information and disclaims any liability from any loss or damage arising from its uses.

Can I collect and what are the delivery options?

Simply put, yes you can collect your order. We are based in Wilmslow Cheshire. If you are wanting to collect, you will need to place your order over the phone our number is +44 (0)1625251000. Payment in cash can be made up to a maximum of £2000. If you do collect and would like to pay online, our PayPal email is sales@robertsmaynard.com. With the collection, you save on the delivery charges for our 50m² and 100m² rolls as the 25m² is free delivery.

As for delivery, we aim to have every order dispatched within 48hr of purchase by Parcel Force.

Please note that orders made on Friday will likely be dispatched on a Monday if placed before 4:30 pm. Orders placed after that (over the weekend) time we estimate will be displaced on Tuesday.

What payment options are there?

Our payments are taken through PayPal. However, you don’t need a PayPal account to purchase, just select Credit/Debit Cards at checkout.

We take payment of cash if you collect up to £2000.

What are the benefits of Therma-Foil?

Therma-Foil has many benefits. Such as; Making your home more energy-efficient and helping to strive towards being Carbon Neutral  – keeping your house warmer in winter by reflecting the heat in, then the opposite in summer when it is hot, whilst helping reduce the cost of bills as the central heating won’t need to be on as high, or as long, and more. Therma-Foil is an investment that you will see a great return on.

Not only does it keep you comfier and save money, but it also helps the environment. As there is no need to have your heating on as high or as long, you will be using less non-renewable energy, and releasing less carbon into the atmosphere.

Where can I use Therma-Foil?

Pretty much everywhere in your home. Don’t place Therma-Foil around electrics or on directly a heat source. Other than that, Therma-Foil can be placed underfloor, lofts in walls, behind radiators, and much more. Check out our blog for every use of Therma-Foil.

What if My Billing and Delivery Address is aren’t the same?

If your want your Therma-Foil to get delivered to a different address, please place that other address in the “notes” section at the checkout.


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