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How foil insulation can save you money

Foil insulation can save you money in two ways. Wee, it can save you money and then in the long run pay for itself. Those are the two ways that you can save money with Therma-Foil foil insulation. Therma-Foil has amazing benefits read all about them and the technical data here.

How foil insulation can save you money

Therma-Foil saves you money. Correct, after using it for a certain amount of time (different for everyone), you will notice that you don’t need the heating on as high or as often. This means that you will be saving money, as your energy bills will have decreased. If you save £2.50 a month and live in the house for 10 years, that is over a full 25m² that you have saved/made (it’s £300). That is just a random number, you could save more or less. This all depends on circumstances and rising energy bills. Even still, you will save money on your bills and if you have it long enough it will more than pay for itself.

Making Money

After a certain amount of time (different for everyone) foil insulation will have saved you enough money, that it pays you for having it. Yes, you read that right, you will make money from using foil insulation (any insulation in fact).

As stated above Therma-Foil’s foil insulation can save you money. This means after an amount of time, it will have paid for itself. After that, it doesn’t just stop saving you money. That money is now extra spending money for you and your family.


Why not take a look at Therma-Foil by requesting a FREE sample pack here. You can even go straight to purchasing here and start saving sooner. As this post is published, we are still offering FREE delivery on all of our 25m² rolls.

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