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5 Reasons to Buy Foil Insulation!

Foil insulation

5 Reasons to Buy Foil Insulation!

Foil insulation is often overlooked in the UK.
Everyone knows that foil is a good insulator, so why don’t we use it more.
It could save us lots of money in the long haul.
In this post, we are going to talk about the 5 benefits of installing foil insulation.
Read all the perks of foil insulation and why you should get it right here.

Foil insulation also has a number of uses. It can be used to insulate floors, walls, attics, and behind radiators.
Another great use for it is when converting a van, it can be used for that as well


1. It works differently from other insulation:

Foil does not work by preventing the conduction of heat as other insulation does.
It works by reflecting radiative heat back to the source.
Whereas most common insulation works by slowing the conductive heat flow.
So, it drives heat back into your home in winter.
Then in the summer, it keeps the heat out. Industry tests show that foil insulation works extremely well despite its low U value.

2. NASA uses it:

NASA use foil insulation for their spacecraft.
They decided that it was the best material to use to prevent radiant heat loss, and that is vital in space travel.

3. It is very thin:

With Therma-Foil coming in at 2.5mm this means once you lay it you won’t know it’s there… other than the savings of course.

This also means if you put it under the carpet you won’t have to shave down your doors either. If you have a campervan, you can insulate the floors and walls.
This will keep you warm and you won’t even notice it is there

4. Extremely lightweight:

Therma-Foil comes in rolls. We have 3 sizes available 25m2, 50m2 and 100m2.
I know what you are thinking 100m2 is massive, you would be correct.
However, It only weighs 10kg, that is nothing.
This means it is also easily malleable and can fit in tight corners. This is especially helpful when insulating an attic.

5. Very easy to install:

With Therma-Foil being thin, lightweight, and malleable this makes it very easy to install.
Installing foil insulation is simple,
all you have to do is measure the room, cut out the correct size of your Therma-Foil and then stick it down.
If you need more than one piece
it is the exact same, just remember to overlap it slightly.


As you can see there are lots of great benefits that come with installing foil insulation into your house and, or van conversion.
We think that
Therma-Foil would be perfect for your home. Don’t believe us? Why not check it out for yourself, and request a FREE sample
We give free samples because we know you will love it, why not save time and buy it now by visiting our shop.

Robert S Maynard LTD

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