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3 ways to use leftover Therma-Foil

Don’t know what to do with any leftover foil insulation? Look no further in this post I highlight 3 ways to utilise all of your insulation. Maybe you overestimated how much you needed, or maybe you just don’t need a full tool for your project. Fear not, because Therma-Foil can be placed in loads of locations that will further help your energy bill and keep you (and possibly your pet) warmer. If you read this post you will no longer need to think about over-ordering Therma-Foil. Using these techniques will justify and help you use the full roll of our insulation.






Behind Radiators

You surprisingly lose a lot of heat from behind your radiators. This happens by the heat going through the walls at the back. If you place Therma-Foil behind them not only will it further insulate your house. The foil layer will bounce the heat back into the room keeping you warmer for longer. Therefore, you won’t need to have your heating on as high to be as warm in turn reducing your energy bills. Just be sure to install it with the foil facing the back of the radiator, and not facing the wall.

Installing a reflector behind your radiator will see a drop in energy loss of up to 30%. With the huge spike in energy bills, anything that will help reduce your cost is a win.

Animal cages

If your pet spends a lot of time outdoors, insulating may help them be a bit comfier. Our foil insulation will noticeably change how warm any room gets and make you more comfortable. However, have you ever considered that your pet may not like the cold either? Adding a layer of Therma-Foil Foil Insulation will help reduce how cold it gets in their cage.

Another use with offcuts or leftover insulation for pets is wrapping their water up. I have a rabbit and we often come out to a frozen bottle of water which means he can’t have a drink. We check every day, but it’s never fair that an animal is unable to get a drink, especially if he/she is a pet. However, putting insulation around the water helped keep the water as water for longer. It isn’t essential to do this, but it will help keep your pet’s water

r from freezing over the winter.

Wrap your pipes

Every year you hear complaints of frozen and burst pipes due to cold weather. If you’ve had this, you’ll know how much of a nightmare this is. using your leftover insulation, or even buying some to do so, will help reduce the chance of your pipes freezing/bursting. No one wants burst pipes, especially over winter, Buying Therma-Foil hugely reduces the chances of this happening.


All these ways to use leftovers to help your home get a larger roll may be a helpful way to do your project and have enough Therma-Foil to do all I talked about above.


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