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Millennium Product Photo S Maynard.tifAbout us, since 1996 (25 Years), Robert S Maynard Ltd has been a leading supplier of innovative Award-Winning Insulation materials in the UK. Supplying high-quality insulation products to the building industry, architects/specifiers and direct to consumers for DIY home improvements.

Millennium Product Award, awarded by The British Design Council on behalf of the Department of Trade and Industry,  exemplifying world-class design.

About us; Therma-Foil has been accredited by the Design Council is as a high-tech insulator that provides effective and efficient insulation against all types of heat transfer, including insulating against conductive, convective, and by acting as a barrier, helping to reduce heat loss through your floors, walls & roof/loft.

Therma-Foil Insulation works by combining a layer of thin reflective foil, with a layer of closed-cell foam.

By bonding these together, the resultant insulation is thin, lightweight and flexible. Making it quick and easy and safe to install.

Welcome to Therma-Foil – the revolutionary foil insulation that offers high performance as loft, wall, and floor insulation. Therma foil insulation products are reflective to heat back towards the source up to 97%. Designed to maximise your building’s heat efficiency.

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