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How to Install Therma-Foil yourself.

There are a couple of different techniques when installing our foil insulation. In this post, we are going to be talking about basic/all-around installation. If you are looking for more information on installing in a specific area of your house, each section such as the loft has a post dedicated to that. To find all of these all you need to do is visit the blog. This post will be fairly short and to the point, this is because Therma-Foil is so simple and easy to install. My final point is installing the foil insulation on your own, will save you the cost of hiring someone else to do so.


Fitting the foil insulation could never be easier.

  1. Firstly, measure out the area where the Therma-Foil will be installed.
  2. Measure out and cut the roll Of therma-Foil to the correct lengths to fill the room. Note, we recommend a slight overlap of about 50mm.
  3. Place down, with the reflective side towards you.
  4. Once in place tape Therma-Foil as and where needed.
  5. Check your insulation is flat and there are no air bubbles anywhere. If there is it’s easy to just push them out.
  6. Staple the insulation onto the floor wall (wherever you are placing it. We recommend that you should staple Therma-Foil every 16” to 24”. Keep it tight to ensure it stays flat.

Flooring Picture2.jpg

That is all other is to installing Therma-Foil. Not too much to do am I right? Therma-Foil is so easy to install yourself so there is no need to pay a professional to do it. You may want to pay someone to fit the floor if you’re using it as underfloor insulation as that is a little harder to do. We won’t get into that part though.

We hope that you have realised how easy it is to install Therma-Foil yourself. This is why we believe our product is the best. Not only does it work amazingly (we have awards to prove that) and we have been going for over 25 years. It is a fact that anyone can install it themselves. We are so confident you will love it, why not request a free sample so you can take a look at it yourself. Or go straight to reaping the benefits and get your Therma-Foil now.

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