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Therma-Foil Insulation in Walls

Timber frame and stud Walls: Therma-Foil should be rolled out across the face of the frame or to support battens if required, and fixed in place using staples, join rolls as previously described. Counter batten frame to create an air-space on either side of the Therma-Foil. Alternatively Therma-Foil can be loosely fitted to allow it to be dished back into the wall cavity. Cut out carefully around doors, windows and other openings, so that it neatly abuts to frame. Finish frame as per requirements and applicable standards.

Block walls: Therma-Foil can be used on solid block walls by battening the walls and fixing Therma-Foil to the battens. You should then counter batten and finish as per requirements and applicable standards.

Caution:Always tape Therma-Foil when surfaces are clean and dry. The reflective surface should not be installed in direct contact with uncured concrete or any uncoated raw metals. Please use caution when working around electrical sources. Therma-Foil should not be exposed to open flames or ignition sources of sufficient intensity during shipment, storage or installation.

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