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How Does Therma-Foil Insulation Work?
Therma-Foil insulation resists radiant heat flow due to their high reflectivity and low emissivity (ability to reflect and re-radiate heat).
It works by reducing radiant heat transfer, as a result of the emissivity of the foil facing.

Therma-Foil is a  Radiant barrier and will therefore reflect radiant energy. There is no standard test designed to measure the reflection of radiated heat energy alone. Radiant barriers prevent radiant heat transfer equally in both directions. However, heat flow to and from surfaces also occurs via conduction and for this reason we laminate our foil to a 2.5mm closed-cell foam which acts as an insulator, which when the two are combined to significantly reduces heat transfer.

Therma-Foil’s thermal performance can be further enhanced if the foil is adjacent to an unventilated airspace.

A further advantageous feature of Therma-Foil is that its thermal performance of its foil face is unaffected over time through any compaction, disintegration or moisture absorption.

Therma-Foil insulation can reduce radiant heat transfer by up to an incredible 97%. This means that Therma-Foil produces much better results with far less material than other insulation materials. Due to the high performance of the material, Therma-Foil insulation reduces vapour and moisture condensation, which is usually a problem with products like fibreglass.

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"I used Therma-Foil  to prevent cold and moisture coming through the walls and floor of an old house I was renovating. My Architect/Specifier recommended Therma-Foil as the ideal product for the project. I can’t believe the difference it has made to both the warmth in my home and to reducing the heating bills.

Having looked at all the various options, I selected Therma-Foil as it was the easiest to install whilst providing optimum insulation in my house. Being Energy Efficient and Recyclable, it seemed to be the Green way forward and it was very competitively priced. The Design Council Product Endorsement gave me all the confidence I needed to order and use Therma-Foil  on my insulation project... "

Janet Bacon  D.I.Y enthusiast, Cleethorpes, Lincs

My Loft was freezing cold in winter and far too hot in summer. I had floorboards down already and wanted to use the loft area as a study so I fitted Therma-Foil in under an hour – such a simple job ….."

Bill McGarr, Dundee

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